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Omens In Astrology

Everything in life is deeply interrelated and interwoven; whatever is happening around us is constantly communicating messages to us, and this is basically what Astrology is, the birth chart is nothing but a set of omens that were present in the heavens at the time of a person’s birth. When we read a chart we are merely interpreting the omens that were present when a certain individual was born, through this process we begin to understand something about the life of the individual, their childhood, their education, what would they do, marriage or not, how is it going to be, their creative talents, the health issues they are going to encounter, etc.

Omens are the activities that happen around us simultaneously while a certain event is occurring or maybe while we are just sitting around thinking about something. In the classical book on Horary Astrology “Prasna Marga” translated by the legendary Dr B.V Raman there is a whole chapter called “Omens on the Way”, the chapter is dedicated to directing the Astrologer to read signs on his way to the client’s house, in ancient India the Astrologer used to go to the client’s house and by the time he arrives there he would have painted a good picture of what is going on with the client’s life.

What makes Astrology important is that it enables us to calculate future omens, if the birth chart represents the initial omens we have upon a person’s birth, through examining the transits of planets and planetary cycles “Dashas” we are able to access future omens.

It is very easy to see life’s messages if we pay attention to whatever is going on in our environment the moment something is happening. I remember a client telling me about a girl he met one night for the first time and as soon as they sat down to talk two kids started fighting just a few steps away from them, he asked me if he could take that for an omen, I said obviously you should, a month later he phoned saying that he never quarreled with somebody as much as he did with her, somehow quarrels happened. The two kids fighting were only an omen revealing the outcome of this meeting. When I matched their charts I could see where that was coming from, Mars in his chart was opposing her Moon. Every breath he took felt offensive and aggressive to her, hence the fights.

I recall another incident, i was talking to a friend who was unhappy being overworked at the job she had back then to the point that she considered quitting but was hesitant because she didn’t have any options at that point, as she was talking about it a girl sitting at a nearby table was over the phone with somebody and suddenly said “what are you afraid of?” she repeated that twice with a loud voice that interrupted the flow of my friend! Being observant, my friend smiled and said I feel this girl is shouting at me right now. Interestingly enough, a week after she quit her job somebody called who heard about her and asked her if she was interested to join immediately, the new job was way better indeed.

If you pay attention to whatever you see or hear you are going to be amazed with how much life is communicating with you all the time. Sometimes it happens that you might be walking around thinking about something and somebody walks past you and they are on the phone talking to someone and utter the exact same words you need to hear at that particular moment. Sometimes it is there on the T.V screen as you are flipping channels aimlessly; sometimes it is on the road sign, the car plate. Sometimes it comes through a conversation you overhear at a restaurant. It can be the siren you hear while a certain event takes place, the ambulance, the police man, the accident, the animal. Omens can also come through your own body in the form of twitching or a slight jerking that occurs to a certain part of the body.

It is such a mystery how this universe operates, the more aware you become, the more you get to feel how deeply interrelated things are. The more receptive you are to life’s messages the easier and more frequent will be their flow. Yes, life forms can communicate messages to us, but the ultimate guidance always comes from the heart as an intuitive hunch, one who follows their intuition will always get where they need to go.

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