I was attracted to spirituality and esoteric subjects in my early twenties when i was introduced to meditation, healing modalities and the teachings of eastern traditions. However, my first encounter with Astrology came a bit later at a time when I needed guidance in my life.

My early exposure to Astrology was through learning Western Astrology, since I was already familiar with the eastern tradition, soon my passion for Vedic Astrology "the Indian system of astrology" was ignited, which led me to learn from great astrologers who practiced Vedic Astrology.

​I view astrology as powerful tool for self knowledge, and that is how I like to use it in my practice, even though astrology is commonly known as a predictive science, I was always inclined to have a counseling approach to it, identifying the karmic trend is half the journey, providing the necessary guidance to help the individual work with a particular circumstance is the other half.

I am not a fatalistic astrologer, and I don’t think astrology should take away your free will; astrology is useful only because you have a free will, which if put to work can transform your life.


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