For more than ten years i have been studying both Eastern and Western astrology, my early exposure was to Western Astrology which is effective in understanding the personality traits and  behavioral patterns of the individual.


Being quite familiar with the eastern tradition from an early age, soon my passion for Vedic Astrology "the Indian system of astrology" was ignited, a system that seem to go deeper than the personality traits and the shell of the ego, into spiritual and karmic levels.

​I view astrology as powerful tool for self knowledge and self transformation, unlike the mainstream idea of it being a predictive tool, I have published numerous articles and video blogs emphasizing the fact that  the experiences we have in life are mere results of past behavioral patterns and actions, that our life experiences are not some random predestined events that we have no control over.

The way i like to coach individuals is by identifying the behavioral patterns that produce the unpleasant circumstances and counsel them into overcoming them and regaining power over their lives.

My goal is to help the individual have a deeper understanding of their energy and potential, to help them take responsibility for their lives and use their freewill to change it and create a meaningful life.

The famous line from Abraham Lincoln seems to best describe my approach “The best way to predict your future is to create it."

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