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Types of Consultations

Personal Consultation

This covers the main areas of your life you wish to explore, it addresses your inner strengths and weaknesses, your relationship capacity, the ideal career, the potential of finances, potential health issues, spiritual growth,  karmic patterns and evolutionary goal. This reading will also provide practical guidance that can help you make the changes you need at this point in your life. To get the maximum benefit from this reading it is advisable you take your time to think about the questions you want to ask.


Career Consultation

This reading will give you an overall view about your career, it will show you whether a job, services, or a private business is suitable for you, it will show you areas and domains suitable for attaining success and fulfillment in your career. This consultation will show you how to make the best out of the challenges you face. If you have a certain career in mind then let me know your options so i can help you see whether or not the choice is going to be fulfilling for you, and help you get to it the best way possible.


Relationship Compatibility

This session assesses the relationship potential, it identifies areas of support within the relationship as well as other areas that need to be worked on to improve the quality of the relationship. It will look to see if there are serious blemishes present between your energies and your partner's that stand in the way of having a flowing and harmonious relationship.


This reading will uncover the relationship dynamics and help you harmonize the differences and celebrate the connections between you and your partner. 


Annual Consultation

This reading reveals the possibilities and major conditions and trends of the year, as well as the opportunities and the potential challenges that you might face in different areas of your life. The goal of this reading is to offer you a practical guide and insights to help you plan for the year ahead, seize its opportunities and navigate through its challenges smoothly.



About The Consultations

During the consultation I will be focusing on your questions and areas of life you would like to explore, so it is important that you take your time and be clear about what you want to know, the more clear you can be the better. I will also talk about anything I find necessary to bring up; it may not be something you have asked about, what concerns me is that I share with you whatever I feel important for your happiness, well being and success in life.

I will also be suggesting certain remedial measures and life style suggestions when I see necessary.

Things you need to know before ordering your consultation:


- I will need your full date of birth (Day/ Month/ Year/ Time of birth and the city), the time of birth has to be as accurate as possible, if you do not know your accurate birth time please mention this.

- The consultation happens over Zoom or whatever app we agree on.

- The duration may vary depending on the dynamics of the reading and the areas covered, usually lasts between 60 and 80 minutes.

- Only one Chart is discussed during a consultation except for relationship consultations.

- The information shared in the consultation is absolutely confidential.

- Make sure you are serious about the consultation as I do not give refunds due to the amount of work involved in analyzing your chart.

- Payment is made before the consultation.

- I may have to ask you questions about your life either to rectify you birth time or to see how you have responded to certain astrological influences in the past.

- If you are expecting that I will tell you about every event that is going to happen in your life during the consultation, I am not the right person for you.

- Please allow some time time schedule your consultation, your session will be scheduled based on availability.

- It is your responsibility to implement the life style changes and practice the remedial measures I may suggest, if you do nothing about your situation you may continue to experience the same results you are familiar with.


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