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The Shift of Nodal Axis

The North Node of the Moon “Rahu” and the South Node of the Moon” Ketu” are shifting signs on the 8th of May, Rahu will be moving in Leo while Ketu will be moving in Aquarius. Rahu and Ketu travel in a retrograde movement and spend almost a year and a half in each sign, that makes Rahu and Ketu move in the Leo/ Aquarius axis from the 8th of May 2017 until the 5th of November 2018.

Rahu represents the energy of ambition, desire, obsession and invention. It carries the potential of material success, Ketu is the significator of past karmas, dissatisfaction, chaotic changes beyond our control, Ketu often works as a spiritualizing factor.

Below are the results you can expect during this transit, read your rising sign/ ascendant.

Aries: There will be an obsession of finding love and romance, you could meet a foreign partner, this is an excellent time to use innovative efforts in your business, unplanned pregnancy can be a possibility during this transit, therefore it is important to stay safe. There can be a change of goals and ambitions as a result of dissatisfaction with current goals. Investments may not bring expected returns on time, keep your expectations moderate. A relationship with a friend could be challenged.

Taurus: During this time you may have the urge to buy a new house or a new car. You may not feel content at home which may result in you taking a trip or planning for an immigration. A change of jobs or even career paths can be expected during this time. Developing inner contentment and emotional stability is necessary during this time.

Gemini: This is a good transit for using your skills and talents in an innovative way, a good time to start learning a new subject, instrument or skill. Success in writing, advertising, and sports if you are involved in these areas can be expected. On the other hand you may start to feel a sense of dissatisfaction with the religion or culture you belong to, you may also start doubting your life path and start to reconsider your agenda for the future. An interest in other religions and schools of thoughts is possible. If you are a student, careful from the tendency to have breaks in your education.

Cancer: Your desire for acquiring money and material objects will increase. You will be compelled to rely on yourself for your financial well being, this is a good time to create your own resources as the money that used to come to you through your partner or other people could become scarce. Accumulating money from foreign lands and foreign things is possible during this transit. Avoid indulgence in alcohol or drugs during this period. Take care of your teeth and eating habits. If you have an interest in esoteric and metaphysical studies this is going to be a great time to learn a big deal.

Leo: This transit brings of transformation as it brings more focus on yourself, on your ambitions, on being someone special. You could feel more socially isolated during this time, your relationships may not bring the satisfaction you expect, but that is a no problem as you will be more focused on developing yourself. You could meet new people with whom you form a sort of spiritual connection if you are inclination in that direction.

Virgo: You could go on a trip to a foreign land, you may be prompted to do more charitable deeds, you may spend a lot of time in meditation, contemplation and introspection. Working in foreign lands is possible. Unexpected changes could occur to your working life. If you have employees you could be dissatisfied with them. Take care of cleanliness and hygiene during this time as Ketu in the 6th house can create illness related to viruses or bacteria. Take care of your psyche as illnesses that has psychic origin can develop if you are not careful.

Libra: This is a favorable transit, this can bring changes in your social circle, boost your ambitions to go after your goals and increase your financial gains. However you may experience a dissatisfaction with romance, you need to pay special attention to your children during this transit if you are a parent.

Scorpio: This is a favorable transit in terms of career and success, you will have the opportunity to shine and experience great success, however you may have the tendency to neglect your home life so you need to be careful not to sacrifice home for career. Pay attention to your relationship to the mother. Issues related to real estate should be handled with care. Be kind to your knees.

Sagittarius: You will have the desire to go on a journey abroad, you may also start questioning your moral codes and the philosophy by which you live your life, it is best to adapt to any changes that occur in the way you view the world, and to the way you live your daily life.

Capricorn: This transit will create more interest and fascination with occult subjects, however you don’t need to take it too far and keep your research within the health boundaries of the esoteric. Your financial situation could be somewhat challenged and may impel to rely on other people’s resources or take a loan. Family situation could feel burdensome.

Aquarius: This transit could bring the desire to find a partner or going for marriage if you have a relationship and your chart supports the occurrence of this event. Success may come through doing business with foreign countries. You may have to change yourself in some ways in order to keep your relationship going. Pay attention to your health. Inconsistent libido is possible and is temporal.

Pisces: This transit gives you courage to take risks and overcome difficulties, pay attention to your health as this transit can bring health issues that are difficult to diagnose. You may be inclined for humanitarian actions or simply helping somebody who is in need. You may have the desire to be secluded and meditate. Be careful with allergies and take care of your pets.


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