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Thoughts On Fate And Free Will

Most people who approach astrologers do that in search for hope, they consult astrologers hoping to hear that something great awaits them, that a wonderful destiny is just about to unfold, they believe in destiny.

The birth chart reveals the habits and tendencies that create your fate, but is this all your life made of? If you only take actions and make decisions based on your chart then nothing is going to change in your life because you will be following the dictations of your karmic blue print represented by your birth chart. However if you put your free will to work you can achieve amazing things and this is when an actual transformation really happens.

Let us assume somebody has Saturn negatively impacting the Moon in their chart, this shows that the person is going to be nervous, anxious and stressed out with whatever happens in their life, now if this person continues to react to life situations with the same attitudes indicated by his birth chart he will be reinforcing this karma more and more and therefore the situation will get only worse, however if they put their free will to work and start to take actions that helps them meet the challenges indicated by the birth chart, they start meditating and doing some inner self work for example, then they will experience some changes, things will start moving.

With every situation we encounter we have to choose between either following the dictates of fate found in the horoscope, or using our free will to take better and more supportive actions.

If you utilize your free will in every situation you encounter in such a way that you improve your fate then things will start to improve. This brings me to the idea of being in the present moment and responding to life situations from the fresh awareness of the present moment rather than acting out of old habits, impulses and tendencies. Meditation can help us be grounded more in the present moment and exhaust past karmas, I cannot say that enough.

You will continue to be predictable to a great extent as long as you keep reinforcing the indications found in your chart; the more you utilize your free will the less you will be defined by your chart. You will be generating new karmas that are supportive of a better life situation than the one indicated by the birth chart.

Many times people ask me questions like “will I be rich?” this kind of question is difficult to answer because it basically depends on the amount of efforts the questioner puts out to make it happen. If wealth is strongly indicated in the person’s chart they may not ask the question, it will be natural to them, it will happen as a natural unfolding of the person’s destiny, but just the question itself shows what is in the birth chart, in this case if the native doesn’t utilize their free will to improve the situation it is safe to give the prediction that no, you are not going to achieve wealth!

It is important to give up the illusion that the astrologer is an all knowing guy who can tell you every single event that is going to occur in your life, and focus more on understanding the karmic patterns within the chart and work to transform them. This is the astrology I love doing and I believe this is the role astrology was devised to fulfill.

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