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Astrological Analysis of Osho's Birth Chart (Lite)

Just the other day somebody wrote to me asking why do I think Osho was an unusual man from an astrological perspective, it occurred to me that I should do the analysis and publish it, this way all Osho lovers would enjoy it. So here we go, I will be doing some general analysis about certain areas of his life and the experiences he encountered.

This is not at all meant to be an exhaustive analysis and I will be using a simple language to make sure that those of you who are not familiar with Astrology find it easy to understand. My goal is to shed some light on what is possible through a birth chart analysis. I intened to publish a more thorough analysis of Osho's horoscope where i focus more on the spiritual aspect of his life in the future.


December 11, 1931, 5:13 PM In: Kutchwada (India)

Osho's Career: When attempting to asses a person’s career and station in life we need to consider a few parameters, the most important are the 10th house and 10th house lord, in Osho’s chart, the 10th house lord is Jupiter and is placed in 3rd house, Jupiter is the planet of philosophy, wisdom, higher knowledge, guidance and spirituality, the 3rd house deals with communication, self expression, writing, media and journalism.

The lord of the 3rd house, “the sun” is placed in the 7th house of other people, masses. There is actually an exchange of signs between the Sun and Jupiter, which reinforces the connection between the 3rd and 7th house, communication and people. Obviously, Osho worked at a news paper at some point when he was a student, then he worked as a teacher of philosophy and religion at the University, later on he became a spiritual teacher and spent the rest of his life talking!

"For thirty years I have been speaking continually. It was such a tension because my whole being was pulled towards silence, and I was pulling myself towards words, language, concepts, philosophies. There was no other way to convey, and I had a tremendously important message to convey. There was no way to shirk the responsibility." Osho

Osho's Speech: The second house rules speech, its lord “the moon” is conjunct Saturn in the 8th house of esoteric knowledge and occult, while Pluto “the planet of transformation” mutually aspects the 8th house lord Saturn tightly, this shows that he spoke of occult subject and due to the presence of Saturn there, he spoke slowly and for long hours, in his last years he spoke for good 4 to 5 hours at each discourse!

The placement of Venus there with the Moon shows that his speech was comforting and soothing to whoever listened to him. The connection between Pluto and Saturn emphasizes his use of speech as means for transformation.

"I am using words just to create silent gaps. The words are secondary; the silences between those words are primary. This is simply a device to give you a glimpse of meditation. And once you know that it is possible for you, you have traveled far in the direction of your own being." Osho

Osho's Wealth: Osho’s finances went through a lot of ups and downs in his early years. The moon rules his second house of income and is placed in the 8th house of shifts and changes, due to the quick changing nature of the moon and its position in the 8th house he experienced difficulties and fluctuations in his finances, his second house receives the aspect of Saturn which delayed the realization of wealth, however Mars, the 11th house lord of gains is exalted and placed in the 8th house of other people’s resources. It is a known fact that Osho was surrounded by massively wealthy disciples who poured their money into making his vision a reality; he became famous for owning 93 Rolls Royces! Perhaps no other man in history had as many Rolls Royces as he did. The 9th lord of fortune is placed in the 8th house gave him effortless great fortune.

"I received a letter from a bishop of Wasco County, who had been for almost five years condemning my Rolls Royces. In every Sunday sermon he was not preaching Jesus Christ, he was preaching me and my Rolls Royces. The day I was leaving he wrote a letter to me, "Now you are leaving, it will be great kindness on your part if you can donate one Rolls Royce to this church." Now, this shows the man…. I informed him, "Would you like all ninety-three, or only one?" And a letter came, "If you can give all ninety-three, that is just the right thing. You are really great. I'm very sorry that I condemned you for five years. You are a man to be worshiped. It is a very strange world if you understand people: whatever they are saying shows more about them than it shows about the person they are talking about." Osho

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