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The First Saturn Return (Maturation Into Adulthood)

One of the most important transits in Astrology is the Saturn Return. This transit occurs when the transiting Saturn comes over your natal Saturn. Saturn takes around 28 to 29 years to complete its cycle, so that is the age when the first Saturn Return happens. The second Saturn Return happens around the age of 58 to 59 when Saturn returns to its natal position for the second time. In this article I am going to talk specifically about the first Saturn Return, the one that happens at the age of 28 to 29.

The Saturn Return is considered very important by a lot of astrologers because it sets the tone for how the next 30 years of your life are going to be like. A lot people who are familiar with Astrology fear this transit and their fear is valid in a way because Saturn is a difficult planet.

When transiting Saturn hits its natal position in your chart it will bring events and situations into your life that will make you in a way helpless, you will find yourself in a situation that is not in harmony with how you wish your life to be, and there is no escape from it! Something will be required of you which if it was up to you, you wouldn’t have done it at all, you are not going to like it of course, but you have to deal with it. This is the lesson of the Saturn Return “To take responsibility for your life situation and do the things you have to do even if you don’t want to do them”. How you deal with this challenge will shape your life for the next 30 years!

This is a time of your life that for the first time you will be looking at life from a realistic perspective, your rose-colored glasses will work no more now. Saturn Return is going to bring situations that show you where you need to pay more attention and take more responsibility. You will suddenly realize that life is not as easy as you thought it to be and that there are certain things that you have to do even if you don’t like them.

Now there are two ways to deal with Saturn Return: you may either try to resist what is happening, you procrastinate, and do not develop the attitude needed to face this challenge. Or that you take responsibility of your life situation and start developing the qualities that Saturn requires of you, patience, perseverance, discipline and most importantly is that you do what you have to do even if you don’t like it.

In simple words, Saturn Return is a process of maturation and it is up to you to embrace it or not, your success and fulfillment in life will be to the exact level you embrace that maturation process. If you do a great job you will be a great individual, if you shirk your responsibility and do a mediocre job, well… that’s right, you screw up!

Depending on how Saturn is placed in your chart that is going to determine the manifestation of your Saturn Return experience, if Saturn is well placed, exalted or in a good dignity, that shows that your level of cooperation with Saturn is going to be good and therefore your Saturn Return is not going to be necessarily so difficult. If Saturn is difficult within your chart that shows that you need to take more care of the areas that Saturn represents within your chart as a natural significator, a house lord and house placement.

The best way to work with any Saturn transit or with Saturn in the birth chart is by cooperation, you need to grow more and more accepting of your life situations, you have to come to terms with your limitations and stop trying to impose your will upon life. It is important to understand that not everything is going to go your way, and do whatever that is humanly possible towards your goals. It is also essential to develop your patience and trust that even if you are in a messed up situation at this moment, there is an intelligent universe that is helping you get where you need to go verses where you wish to go.

Developing a meditation practice can be a great deal of help in this regard, it will help you retain your clarity and trust that you are moving in the right direction, you do need the light of Jupiter when Saturn is making it a bit too dark don’t you?

Finally here are some of the things you can expect during your Saturn Return period based on the position of your natal Saturn within your birth chart, you also need to consider what houses Saturn rules within your birth chart before coming to a conclusion. If you do not know where Saturn is placed in your chart you may find out using the birth chart calculator on this link.

Saturn in the 1st house: This can deal with your capacity to overcome obstacles and endure difficulties. At this point you can be very critical of your own self, doubting yourself, underestimating yourself. Women in particular can feel less attractive; it is good that you beware of self destructive thoughts. You also need to avoid being so hard on yourself and compare yourself with anybody.

This can be a time that you need to take more care of your health. Problems with bones particularly can arise. This will not be a very social time, many people may disappear from your life, keep in mind that only people that are relevant to your life path will stay.

Saturn in the 2nd house: With this placement this is a time of meeting your financial responsibilities. This time can bring situations in which you are required to do physical work and manual labor. A complete makeover of values and how you look at the world and responsibilities towards yourself and family will take place.

Saturn in the 3rd house: This time can bring up issues with peers or siblings. Issues with servants and people you are responsible for. This is the time to pour your energy into a long term goal, if you are unsatisfied with the job you are doing the Saturn Return can bring an end to it, consider planning your own business at this point.

Saturn in the 4th house: This can deal with your emotional well being and having a realistic approach to what makes you feel happy, you need to realize that you need not rely on outside circumstance for your own happiness. Difficulties with pets within your home can arise.

Saturn in the 5th house: This time can be marked by mental confusion, being unable to feel optimistic about your life and see the big picture. It is important that you develop a sense of appreciation for life and focus more on the bright side with this placement, a meditation practice can help you big deal. This time can also indicate a fall from position.

Saturn in the 6th house: If Saturn is in the 6th house this can deal with overcoming debts, overcoming diseases and brining more responsibility and discipline into your daily work.

Saturn in the 7th house: Saturn here will test your relationship. You should develop an appreciation to relationships and learn to endure the hardships on the way.

Saturn in the 8th house: This can deal with a chronic disease and challenges regarding your weaknesses and liabilities. Problems related to how you manage mutual resources.

Saturn in 9th house: During the Saturn Return you may experience delays to fortune and creativity. Challenges related to the father or guru. This time can also test the beliefs and philosophy you live by.

Saturn in the 10th house: Success is realized after hard struggle and taking proper action within the world. This also deals with your capacity to stay the course in relation to your Dharma. The Saturn Return period can be marked by a lot of hard work. Saturn in the 11th house: This can bring up issues with people of influence and older siblings. Challenges related to your capacity to build your long term wealth.

Saturn in the 12th house: Issues dealing with spending habits, bankruptcy, Imprisonment and isolation.

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