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What is Astrology?


Astrology is the study of the motions of the planets through the solar system and how they affect the human life as individuals and civilizations.


Down the centuries people have watched the stars and have seen that when a certain planet moved in a certain sign or when planets performed certain aspects and conjunctions with one another, certain situation and events came to manifest. Over a long period of observation a system was formed that enabled people to anticipate what kind of events are likely to happen.


The planets emit their radiations or energies that influence us internally as well as externally, these influences are indicated by the birth chart. When a person is born at a certain time there is a certain planetary configuration in the heavens that is called the horoscope or the birth chart.


"Astrology is a vast subject - so vast that someone can only enter into it hesitatingly." OSHO


What is a Birth Chart?


A birth Chart, often called Natal Chart or a Horoscope is nothing but a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. It is a map that shows the position of every planet within the zodiac, and into what house does it fall, and the aspects formed between planets.


The birth chart reflects the habits, tendencies, fears, obsessions and talents of the native; it shows their weaknesses and their strengths. The birth chart also reveals the karmic patterns the individual accumulated up to the moment of birth, the more conscious you grow as an individual the less defined you become by your chart, always remember that the chart is not set in stone.


My role is to interpret the omens in your chart and provide you with the information you need to face your challenges and grow into your ultimate potential.


What do I need to cast your Birth Chart?


In order to cast an astrological chart the full details of birth are needed, the day/month/year, the time of birth and the city. If the birth time is not known accurately, provide the most approximate timing you have and I will rectify the time through referring to some of your life events that took place in the past. This process is called birth time rectification.


The chart below shows some of the areas indicated by each house within an astrological chart.

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"Use the astrological influences as the means to meet or to overcome the faults and failures, or to minimize the faults and to magnify the virtues in self." Edgar Cayce.

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