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Life is constantly communicating to us, whether or not we are aware of it, that is another thing, but we are part of life and it is always trying to convey its messages to us through everything that surrounds us, when we look at a birth chart we are basically looking at the symbols and omens that life was communicating at a certain time when the person in question was born, the Birth Chart reveals insights dealing with all domains of life, health, wealth, relationships, career, our physical, mental and spiritual structure of energies through which we must act. Let us discuss what is possible through astrology.


"The stars in the heavens sing a music if we only had ears to hear" Pythagoras


Character and Psychological Analysis


The birth chart reveals the basic nature of the individual through the ascendant, the planets influencing the ascendant and the ascendant lord, for example if you have a prominent Saturn placed on the ascendant or impacting the ascendant this can show that you come across as a serious individual, organized, responsible and reliable, on the negative side this can indicate self-doubt, being hard on yourself, guilt and anxiety.


The chart also reveals your innate strengths and weaknesses, your behavioral patterns, when a certain destructive psychological pattern has been identified, it will be easier to work with it, Astrology provides the guidance to avoid destructive patterns, then the energy is freed to focus on building constructive and supportive ones that will help you move forward in your life.


“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” Carl G. Jung


Spiritual Development


Great sages have always stated that the basis of all knowledge is self knowledge, astrology reveals the world within, not just through psychological analysis and personality traits, it goes deeper than that to touch who we really are, our true being.


Astrology when practiced properly reveals our karmic patterns, their strength and ability to manifest, and provide a practical solution as how to work with these karmas and engage oneself in self-transformation process. Simply put, astrology provides the map for the evolutionary journey.




Relationships make up a very important part of our lives as we are social creature that seeks validation through relationships.


Whether it is our relationship with a lover, a colleague, with our parents, our siblings, with friends, with employers and fellow workers or with our own children, by comparing the charts of two individuals we can learn what each person brings to the table for the other person, we can learn why each relationship brings out different facets of our personalities.


By comparing two birth charts, the astrologer can provide valuable insights about the way in which two people are likely to get on with each other and the kind of dynamics which will emerge in the relationship.


Medical Issues


Until the end of the 16th century, Astrology was always a central part of the medical practice. If you studied medicine you automatically learned Astrology as a means of helping you with both diagnosis and prognosis.

The Birth Charts provides information on the overall vitality and strength of the body, the longevity, and likely areas in the body that are vulnerable to illnesses, the timing in which a certain illness can come to manifestation using transits and planetary periods (dashas), it also reflects tendencies towards psychological problems.


When an astrologer with a medical background studies the chart of an individual or the chart of the moment when a person got ill, he or she can understand the processes going on within an individual on a psychological and a physical level and can make deductions as to the kinds of issues that are likely to be involved in the illness and the likely critical points in the days ahead.


"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician." Hippocrates


Career Guidance


Astrology can be a very valuable tool to decide the kind of work and career that an individual finds rewarding and fulfilling in relation to their innate skills and talents indicated by the Birth Chart.


Choosing an Auspicious Time


Astrology can be used to elect, that is choose – the auspicious time to start any particular project. Hence there is a branch of astrology known as "Electional Astrology" or "Muhurta" in India.  The principles of Electional Astrology can be applied to any enterprise that has a definable starting moment, marriage time, opening up a business, moving, travel, harvest, proposals or just any activity or an event.


 It is a publicly known fact that the United States President Ronald Reagan, since he was the Governor of California to his declarations for the US Presidency, none of the major decisions in his life were taken without astrological advice.


The astrologer's role is to find the most favorable astrological moment that will help smoothen your way to success with whatever you start and avoid potential difficulties.


Asking Questions (Horary Astrology, also known as "Prasna" in India)


Horary is a system of astrology that is based on the Hora or "hour" of the time the question is asked, the astrologer casts the chart of the moment he was asked a question, based on that chart he will be able to answer your specific question in a precise and mind blowing fashion. Horary Astrology deals with any question, finding a lost item, health issues, a question about an absent person, finances, etc.


Horary can be very insightful in throwing light on specific issues, such as : "Should I take the job?" A study of the horary chart for such a question can reveal something about the background of this question and the issues involved in it, practical information about the timing, possible difficulties to be expected and the outcome of the situation.


" There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life. " Varaha Mihira


Mundane Astrology (The Astrology or World Affairs)


The word "mundane" comes from the Latin source "mundus", meaning the world. Mundane Astrology examines how the dominant planetary energies based on their sign positions and aspects are likely to express themselves in the world and impact us as a civilization on a cultural, economical and political level. 


By studying the birth chart of a nation the astrologer is able to assess the way in which the prevailing astrological energies are likely to affect it. Mundane astrology can provide insights into current situation and can make forecasts about future political and economic trends globally and as individual nations.


Unfortunately very rarely does an astrologer become specialized and focused on mundane astrology; however most astrologers are familiar with the principles of predicting future trends and events.


One important areas of mundane astrology is economics and business, this area studies the stock market, gold and oil prices, currency fluctuations, commodity prices and so on. On the business front, a growing number of stock and currency traders use astrological indications to help them understand likely trends and changes of stock prices. Astrologers are also being consulted by companies to help them with matters as choosing the time to launch a product or open a branch and long-term planning.


"Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great. Formerly, no prince would make war or peace, nor any general fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer."

Benjamin Franklin

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