VIRGO - 2018

This is a year of monetary gains and realization of personal goals. Your popularity will increase this year, opportunities for personal and business relationship abound. Marriage is on the cards for some of you!


Jupiter is moving into your 3rd house this year. This transit can help you achieve success in whatever you initiate. Opportunities for travel abound, relocation is possible during this transit. This can be a time when you start learning a new skill, a good time to try new things and promote yourself in new ways. If you are a writer this can be a great time to start writing your book. You may develop an interest in psychology and occult subjects during this year. Friends will be supportive. Don’t make hasty financial decision or spend so much on luxurious items.


Saturn in moving in your 5th house all of this year, you don’t want to ignore your talents this year or deny what you are good at, even if you are feeling uninspired or that your creativity is blocked. Try to find inspiration within yourself; a regular mediation practice can be of great help in this regard. Take more care of your children and make sure your responsibilities don’t get in the way of having fun!

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