TAURUS - 2018

This is a wonderful year to start learning something new or develop a new skill. This is also a year of monetary gains and realizations of long term goals. You will take many short trips.


Jupiter is moving into your 7th house this year. If you are married, your relationship with your partner can improve during this year; if you are not married you could meet someone new! Your clientele should grow bigger. There can be new opportunities for travel. Your spiritual and religious inclination will increase, you may initiate job change. If you are in the business of import/export, jewelry, or the stock market you are likely to make good profits. Generally this is a great position for your finances. Pay attention to the health condition of the mother. Going abroad is possible. Buying a new vehicle is also possible during this transit. Drive carefully.


Saturn is moving into your 9th house all of this year, you may expect positive changes regarding your work. This can be a challenging transit as you may question your faith, is there a solid foundation to things you believe in?  Avoid falling into pessimism and try to remain self inspired. If you are a student you need to put extra more attention and effort into your studies.

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