SCORPIO - 2018

Financial investments bring good returns this year, this is a great time to start a new business. There will be many opportunities for travel.


Jupiter is moving into your 1st house this year. There is going to be a big dose of optimism during this year, let your intuition guide you and trust that it is taking you in the right direction. You are going to feel blessed, protected and will receive new opportunities across the board. Watch your diet during this year; people tend to gain more weight when Jupiter transits their first house. This year can bring you the opportunity to publish or release your creative project. There will be a slow expansion of business, opportunities for gain from foreign lands or while traveling. This is a favorable transit for those pursuing higher education.


Saturn is moving in your 3rd house all of this year, this is a great year to pour your effort into studying a subject or developing a skill that requires a long process of learning.  Keep relationships with your siblings and peers smooth. Guard against depression and dark thoughts, a meditation practice should prove helpful.

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