This year brings you more maturation and psychological well being. If you have been considering to buy a new property or a vehicle, chances are you will do it! You will be on the receiving end of many gifts.


Jupiter is moving into your 12th house this year. You will be more inclined towards spirituality and work on inner peace and self realization. You may get new opportunities in foreign lands, opportunities with foreign people and institutions. Watch out for unexpected expenses during this year. Pay special attention to your digestive system. Old family issues may get resolved. If you are a parent, your children may go abroad for education, take care of your father’s health.


Saturn is moving in your 2nd house all of this year, this is a time of hard work and taking a practical approach to the way you earn your resources, you may feel worrisome and insecure regarding your financial situation, this is an excellent time to save, to start a business, and create a long term financial plan to stabilize your finances. Family life can be demanding at this point.

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