PISCES - 2018

This is a year of an overall growth, if you have a business it should be growing, if you don’t, this is a great year to establish one. Your creativity will be enhanced.


Jupiter is moving into your 9th house this year. This is a very auspicious time in which you will experience success in all your undertakings. Those working in foreign lands will be fortunate; all effort to create more money will be rewarded. This transit can bring your new opportunities to travel or take pilgrimage, you may decide to go back to school or begin a course of study. Your relationship with your father can improve during this year. A conflict with siblings over financial transactions is likely.


Saturn is moving in your 11th house all of this year, you may not be interested in superficial relationships and may see some friends leaving your life, this is a time to clear your social circle, you need to trust that whoever leaves your life at this point may not necessarily resonate with who you are today, be selective with your friends! This is a time to work hard and realistically towards achieving your dreams. Dedicating yourself to a cause is a good idea at this point. Financial gains are indicated.

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