LIBRA - 2018

This is a year of a steady professional growth, sorting out debt and health improvement.


Jupiter is moving into your 2nd house this year. This is a favorable year for your career in general. Your finances are should increase and you will have new opportunities to generate more income through hard work. Avoid making hasty decisions as they can harm your finances. Unexpected gains and gifts flow easily to you. Your relationship with your family should improve. You need to avoid the temptation to eat fatty foods during this year. In spite of your busy time, you will be able to enjoy beautiful time with your partner. If you have a certain physical ailment you are likely to experience improvement, take frequent breaks to pamper yourself and release stress.


Saturn is moving into your 4th house all of this year, you may feel like your life is restricted at this point, home and family issues can demand a lot of your attention, try to focus on one goal at a time and be as responsible as you can with home and family, you also want to keep the health of the parents in check.

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