This year can promise marriage to some of you! Developing talents and skills, writing, advertizing are very well supported areas.


Jupiter is moving into your 11th house this year. This is a time of fulfillment of desires and a promising professional life. There is going to be an increase in your social circle, there can also be an opportunity to obtain a title or an award. Your finances are going to improve during this year as you have multiple sources of income. Your partner’s earning may increase. Children will be a source of happiness and more expenses.


Saturn is moving in your 1st house all of this year, take care of your health during this year, eat well, drink plenty of water, and try to regulate your sleep as Saturn in this position can disturb your appetite and sleeping patterns. If you feel uncaused fear and anxiety, blame it on Saturn, keep yourself motivated and avoid dark spaces and pessimism, a meditation practice can be very helpful in this regard. You may feel burdened with added responsibility, embrace that responsibility, it is going to be rewarding in the big picture.

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