CANCER - 2018

This is a year of an overall success and an increase of self confidence. This is a great year for spiritual exploration. Travel is very much in the air! 


Jupiter is moving into your 5th house this year. This transit can signal a birth of a child, it can also bring new romantic encounters and opportunities to express yourself creatively. It is a great time to start your own business. Financial rewards through hard work, this position is particularly rewarding if you own a business or if involved in the stock market. Traveling for education is possible or getting a scholarship.


Saturn will be moving in your 7th house all of this year, relationships will be challenging at this point, your level of maturity around handling relationships will be tested. Relationship problems can arise and they are meant to help you improve the relationship, strengthen it, and make it more lasting. Relationships that are not in harmony with you who you are at this point may come to an end. By the time Saturn leaves your 7th house will have become more responsible with your relationships and you will stick to quality relationships even if they are a few.

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