This year promises a lot of financial gains and stability. Changing your life style and health habits is very well supported.


Jupiter is moving into your 10th house this year. This is going to be a wonderful year for you in terms of career! If you have been waiting for a promotion or a raise you are likely to have it. A sudden trip related to business can be fruitful. You professional and public activities can increase and your status shall improve as a result; this is a wonderful year to start your own business. Watch your expenses during this time as you may be tempted to spend lavishly! New connections with foreign people are indicated as well as foreign travel. Father’s health needs more attention.


Saturn is moving in your 12th house all of this year, this year can mark endings of some of your life situations, you may experience delays and setbacks with some of the things you have been trying to accomplish. This may not be the easiest of years psychologically as you may have to let go of a lot of things that have been weighing your down. Fear may grow, your sleeping patterns may get disturbed, a meditation practice can be of great help at this point. Help this process by allowing things to happen as they may without resistance on your part, it is time to clean your closet.

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