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Astrological Analysis of Martin Luther King's Birth Chart

One of the great uses of Astrology is that it allows to have an insight into a person's path, what would be the nature of their path? their mission and career? These are areas are revealed by the Birth Chart.

Below is a brief analysis of Martin Luther King’s birth chart in relation to his mission and role in life.

First, let us look at his ascendant ruler, Venus the planet of love, harmony and fairness; it is with the Moon, the indicator of the public, both in the 11th house of hopes, dreams and humanitarian causes. They are in the sing of Pisces, the sign of sacrificing oneself for something greater. Venus is exalted here in Pisces, being the 11th house of awards, he received the Nobel Prize for his work to end radical discrimination and racism through non-violent means.

Martin Luther king was one the greatest orators in history, in his chart we see Mars, the planet of energy and force is placed in his second house of speech, which indicates the great oratorical power, we also see Mercury, the second house ruler of speech in the 10th house of worldly activities and career, which reinforces the use of his speech in his life mission.

The 10th house is ruled by Saturn, it is placed in the Sagittarius, the sign of politics, in the 8th house of reformation and transformation, this shows that his life karma was to bring a transformation to the established political structure.

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